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Allan Goodman "Miles From Anywhere" at Gruene Hall
  • Allan Goodman - lead vocals, guitar
  • Kris Farrow - guitar
  • Ross Smith - keys
  • Bob Driver - bass, backup vocals
  • Michael Christmas - drums

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"As the hooks get me shakin' and quakin', the melodies have me singin' by the end of each tune. This album keeps me smilin' for weeks on end!"
--Adam Odor


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1. Last Summer (Goodman)
2. Someday Maria (Goodman)
3. 25 to Life (Goodman/Phillips)
4. Wish the Rain (Goodman)
5. Days With You (Goodman)
6. Bigger and Better (Goodman)
7. Falling (Goodman)
8. I Wish I Knew What You Wanted (Goodman)
9. Time For Change (Goodman)

Allan Goodman - vocals, guitar, keys
Jeremy Plato - bass
Matthew Briggs - drums, backup vocals
Pat Manske - percussion
Kris Farrow - lead guitar on tracks 2, 3 and 7
Lloyd Maines - pedal steel on track 5
Austin Gilliam - backup vocals
Tony Taylor - backup vocals

Produced by Pat Manske and Allan Goodman
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pat Manske at The Zone
Photography by Bob Driver III, layout by Allan Goodman
All words and music by Allan Goodman except Track 3,
Words by Allan Goodman and Bill Phillips, music by Allan Goodman
©2010 Noble 7 Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.
"It's a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down. It's a moment alone on a wobbly stool at the end of a bar in a dusty West Texas town. It's a party. It's a heartbreak. It's a heartbreakingly awesome party. But more than anything else, Allan Goodman's "Days With You" is exactly what you need it to be. It will pick you up, it will make you think, it will make you wish you could write a group of songs like these and call them your own. That's what it does to me, anyway. Allan is a rare breed of talent that you only get to wrap your ears around every once in a while. It's a shame there aren't more people like him making music. Then again, maybe that's a good thing-- maybe that's what makes Allan Goodman so incredibly special."
--Drew Kennedy


"Do you hate it when music makes you feel something? Does it bother you when you can't get a melody out of your head? Isn't it maddening when you lose half of your whole day listening to the same album over and over again because the damn songs are killing you with the whole jeez-he-really-misses-that-girl-and-hell-now-I-do-too thing because they're so well written and the damn hooks suck you in and make you scrutinize the lyrics and then you find out those are great too? ...sorry about that. This album got me carried away- and if you don't want it to do the same to you, you had better avoid it at all costs."
--Kris Farrow

Lead Guitarist (Josh Grider/Zane Williams Band/Micky & the Motorcars)